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Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), 
Recruitment Consultant

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For about 20 years I worked in the education/child support field. I cared for young children, taught preschool, and ran my own daycare for 10 years. After working 12+ hours a day with two young children, I realized it was time to change careers. 


In 2012, I started my own Virtual Assistant business, working with Business Coaches and Entrepreneurs from all over the United States. I created marketing materials, assisted with lead generation, and helped Entrepreneurs hire employees by sorting through resumes and conducting phone interviews.

In 2018, I had several stay-at-home moms (friends of mine) approach me to help them rebuild their resumes so they could return to work. I was also asked to help some of them start their own work-at-home businesses. And after helping my son with job searching and resume writing when he turned 16, it was apparent that I felt a passion for career guidance. That's when I decided to become a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

​We all have a calling. We all have a passion. And we will all take a different journey to get there. 

Whatever your calling, whatever your passion, I want to help you along your journey.

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Elizabeth Debol, CPRW and 
Recruitment Consultant

Michigan, U.S.A.

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