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Resume Writing Course: Features
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Job Seeker Downloads

Content for the Job Seeker

for your next career opportunity. 


 I understand if you're unemployed or strapped for cash. That's why I designed these materials just for you. 

Elizabeth Debol

Learn how to write your own resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and thank you emails.

If you don't have the money to hire a professional resume writer, then let the professional resume writer come to you!

These documents and templates show you how to write your own resume, cover letter, thank you emails, and more!

PREPARE YOURSELF NOW for that perfect opportunity!

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  1. Resume Templates (1-page and 2-pages)

    • Most 1-page resumes are for professionals who have under 5 years of experience.​

    • 2-page resumes can be used for professionals with over 5 years of experience. 

  2. Cover Letter Template (1-page)

    • Prepare yourself in case the job description requires a cover letter.​

    • Include a cover letter when applying to stand out above other applicants.

  3. References Template 

    • Have this document ready to take with you to job interviews.  ​

  4. 25 Powerful Questions to Identify Your Strengths
    • Learn your strengths so you can add the right skills to your resume and explain how your strengths can benefit companies.

  5. Challenge-Action-Result (CAR) Statements

    • This will teach you how to write your achievements/accomplishments the way recruiters and hiring managers want to see them on your resume.​

  6. Resume Checklist

    • This checklist will help you track what you need to include on your resume, so you have the best chance of getting that interview.

  7. Top Resume Suggestions 

    • These suggestions will prepare you to write your resume with the most up-to-date trends and resume standards.​

  8. How to Write a Cover Letter

    • Learn to write a cover letter properly, so you can impress the reader right from the start.​

  9. How to Write a Thank You Email (with template)

    • Learn how to write a thank you email, so you can impress the company after the interview.​

    • An email template is included for your use.

  10. Password Tracker

    • Track your passwords to job search sites and other career-related websites.​

  11. Job Application and Interview Tracker

    • Track when you apply to jobs, job titles, company names, interview dates, and more.​

    • An Excel spreadsheet option is also available. 

  12. Company Research Sheet

    • It's important that you research companies before you apply AND before you have an interview with them. Keep track of those companies using this sheet.​

  13. Interview Tips

    • Use these simple, general tips when preparing yourself for an interview. ​

  14. Job Search List​​

    • This list will give you the most used, and many industry-specific, job search sites.​

  15. Skills List 

    • This will provide you with a list of skills that you can use on your resume. These include hard and soft skills. They are both extremely important to list on your resume.​

  16. Action Verbs List

    • This will provide you with a list of action verbs. Find the right ones that work for your resume. There must be action verbs on your resume. And make sure they are not repeated!

  17. Resources

    • This is a list of resources to help with your career/job search. Give yourself the best advantage you can. ​

DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee you will get a job interview, find a new job, find a new career, or advance your career by utilizing this content.


NOTE: The downloads are WORD documents and/or PDFs. You must have Microsoft WORD to access the templates. You can purchase Office365 for $9.99 a month for personal use. Check it out HERE.

Get all of these for a one-time fee of $49.95

Upon payment, you will get an email with instructions on how to download the above content. 

(I send a personal email, so it may take up to 8 hours before receiving it).

Thank you for your purchase!

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