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About Us

Linked Assistants is a community of women who rally around each other and support one another with career success. Assistants are often not taken too seriously, yet they are usually the heart of a company or the backbone of an entrepreneur. Assistants work extremely hard, and like many professionals, are not always paid what they're worth. 

The purpose of this membership is to help assistants pursue professional development opportunities, to give them a place to link up with other like-minded individuals for inspiration and motivation, and to support one another in the next steps of their careers.

This membership is for assistants who work for others (employees) AND is for assistants who work for themselves (business owners or freelancers). 


Why Linked Assistants Exists

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As the Founder of Linked Assistants, I feel it's important to tell you my story. 

Early Years

As a high-school senior, I started working as a "secretary" at a real-estate office as part of a co-op program with my high school. They found me a job working after school and I received credit while working there. I absolutely loved the job and ended up working at other real-estate offices after I graduated high school. I enjoyed the work, but didn't want to keep working a 9-5 job, especially when I decided to start a family. 

Later Years

I started my own virtual assistant freelance business while my children were small (so I could have a flexible schedule and go on field trips and volunteer in their classrooms). I worked with business owners, entrepreneurs, and business coaches. I performed all the tedious tasks they didn't want to do, or didn't know how to do (and didn't want to learn), that kept their businesses running smoothly. Again, I enjoyed the work, but I felt like I was the glue holding their businesses together, and I was getting burnt out and needed something different. 


I decided to learn how to write resumes for income, so I took a course, became certified, and started my own resume writing business. I still have the flexibility of taking care of my kids (who are now old enough to take care of themselves) and taking my elderly mother to her doctor appointments. But, I don't feel overwhelmed because I'm no longer feeling like I've got the weight of someone else's business on my shoulders. I can actually breathe. 


Do you feel like I felt? Are you thinking of starting your own business, or doing something different with your career? 

If so, then you're in the right place. And you'll want to join Linked Assistants!!

Link up with other like-minded professionals. Link up with opportunities to enhance your career. Join us!!

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MEMBERSHIP: $89/year
See details below.
Memberships do not renew automatically every year.

Who Should Join, and Why?

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Personal Assistants

  • Executive Assistants

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Legal Assistants

  • Office Support Professionals

  • Office Managers

  • Independent freelancers/business owners

This membership opportunity is designed with these individuals specifically in mind. It's an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills, grow your business/career, and connect with like-minded professionals. 

Membership Includes:

  • One-Time Exclusives

  • Unlimited Income Opportunities

  • Exciting Values

  • Monthly Information Packet

  • Exclusive LinkedIn Group

  • Future Happenings

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Membership Benefits


  • 20% off any of my career services 

    • Includes job add-ons, resume rewrites, cover letters, LinkedIn profile updates, professional bios, and entrepreneur profile sheets.​

    • This is optional

  • One FREE 30-minute consultation with a Professional Career Coach (a $150 value)​

    • Learn how to believe in your dreams and get the career and the pay you deserve.

    • Get one FREE 30-minute consultation (per year) with Kathy Parks, a professional career coach. 

    • This is optional.

  • One FREE 30-minute consultation with a Professional Interview Coach (a $75 value)

    • Learn how to become more effective in your job search so you can land new opportunities.

    • Get one FREE 30-minute consultation (per year) with Vicki Lieberman, a professional interview coach.

    • This is optional.

  • Gain access to the Members-Only Exclusive Job Board

    • Linked Assistants has its own members-only job board with open job listings from all over the U.S.​

    • You will be able to contact the company/business owner directly to apply for the open positions. 

  • Gain access to the Members-Only Page

    • This members-only page will give you full access to every member and all the monthly information packets.

    • There will be more members-only perks added to this page as time goes by. 


  • Receive unlimited VISA eGift cards

    • Receive a $50 VISA eGift card for every referral you send my way who signs up for my resume service only.

    • Receive a $50 VISA eGift card for every referral you send my way who signs up for my resume course.

    • Receive a $25 VISA eGift card for every referral you send my way who signs up for this membership.

    • Referrals are unlimited, so you can refer as many people as you'd like (only one eGift card per sign-up).

    • (if you think about it, you can easily recuperate your membership fee, and more)

    • This is optional.

EXCITING VALUES (throughout the year):

  • Be automatically entered into free book drawings. 

    • I will have free book drawings that will take place randomly throughout the year.

    • All books will be industry-related, career-based, motivational, inspirational, or educational. 

    • Books are free and mailed to the winner, with no shipping costs.

    • The winners will be announced in the monthly "Information Packet" below.

  • Get invited to exclusive online events, workshops, training, and webinars.

    • Be invited to endless online opportunities that may help you enhance your business/career.

    • All events, workshops, training, and webinars will be hosted/provided by professionals in the industry.

  • Contribute to the Linked Assistants blog.

    • Be part of a brand new and ever-growing blog made up of articles from members only.  

    • Have the ability to write multiple articles regarding anything industry-related (in your field).

    • Gain added exposure for you to either enhance your business or show off your skills/expertise.

    • Share the articles on your social media platforms or add them to your website.

    • This is optional.


  • This will be emailed to you the LAST WEEK OF EACH MONTH.

    • Receive a list of new members (and their email addresses) for networking purposes.

    • Learn about new job listings currently available in the industry.

    • Learn about free and paid seminars, webinars, or virtual events coming up the next month.

    • Learn about new professional development opportunities available within the industry.

    • Learn about new internships or volunteer opportunities available within the industry. 

    • Receive a list of many other (always updated) resources to help you along your career path. 

    • Learn about new grants or scholarships available to assist with your growing business/career. 


Be a part of our exclusive members-only Linkedin group. You will be invited to this exclusive group after you sign-up to become a member (gold membership only) of Linked Assistants. You will have to connect with me first on LinkedIn. You can find me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethdebol/


  • More exclusive guest speakers are in the works (based on requests from members).

  • A Linked Assistants virtual book club may also be happening soon.

  • A Linked Assistants exclusive monthly virtual support group may be coming soon. 

  • There may also be contests and awards granted in the near future. 

  • A possible Linked Assistants scholarship may also be on the horizon, exclusive to members only!!!


September 2022 Exclusive Online Webinar:

To be announced ​


Sign-up today to join LINKED ASSISTANTS

You have the ability to sign-up anytime during the year. 

Membership is valid for 12 months from sign-up.

Membership does not renew automatically every year. There is no obligation to renew your membership. 

Sign-up for this opportunity by clicking the button below.

The very first "Information Packet" will be sent out during the last week of AUGUST 2022. 

Join us right now! Help us grow with your ideas and feedback.

Be a part of something really amazing right from the beginning!!

After you sign-up, you will receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours. I'm excited to meet you!!!

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If you have something you'd like to offer my members in the form of a webinar or workshop, please fill out the form below. I am excited to hear from you!

We are currently seeking SPONSORS who would like to contribute to this membership program. If you are interested in chatting about this opportunity, please email me directly.  elizabeth@propelyourselfnow.com

If you are a BUSINESS OWNER and you are seeking an ASSISTANT to support your organization, please fill out the form below so your job opportunity can be added to our exclusive job board.