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Why should you consider having your resume revamped when seeking a new job?

Currently, there are so many people seeking new job opportunities that recruiters are literally flying through resumes one after another just to keep up. On average, recruiters scan resumes in under 10 seconds. They look for very specific information on a resume, so if a candidate lacks that information, that resume will get tossed to the side. 10 seconds isn’t a lot of time to make a great first impression, but it can be done. Not only is the placement of your career history important, but so is the placement of your career attributes. Your resume should show off your value. While most professionals know their jobs well, they don’t always know how to talk about themselves and condense it all into one or two pages. They are not good at writing down their personal skills and strengths, or they may lack awareness of them altogether. They may also lack the understanding of what makes a good measurable achievement and why it’s necessary to include them. These are just a few reasons why revamping your resume is extremely important when seeking a new opportunity. Positions don’t last long, and due to so many candidates fighting for them right now, you want to not only stand out above the rest, but you also want to shout out just how valuable you really are!

Elizabeth Debol, CPRW

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