Propel Yourself

We all have our reasons for entering, or re-entering, the workforce.  And we all have a drive.  Your drive could be based on financial situations, personal fulfillment, professional advancement, or something else.  Whatever your reason, your personal marketing documents need to mirror your achievements, skills, professionalism, experiences, needs, wants, and passions.  

Work with me so we can rewrite your story together. Show companies your strengths, your skills, and your experience in the best light possible. Give yourself a fighting chance to get past those pesky applicant tracking systems and get in front of a real person.

Get that interview! 


Resume Writing 

Purpose of a Resume

A resume is a marketing document. It tells employers who you are, what you can do for them, and what you want as a professional. It should be customized to show off your passion, experience, and your skills. A resume is your chance to get in the door for an interview. It's one step closer to getting that job you've always dreamed of, or that job you need to pay your bills. Either way, it's a necessary tool. 

Two Resume Options

ATS Resume

This resume improves your chances of getting past an applicant tracking system. This resume is more of a professional, basic layout that the ATS has a better chance of reading. It's the one you want to send through a database, as an online job board. 

Visually Appealing Resume

This resume is designed with columns, color, and text boxes. This resume is the one you will personally email to hiring managers, recruiters, business owners, etc. It is not recommended to send this resume through a database because there is no guarantee the ATS will be able to read all of its content. 

You may prefer one over the other, or you may want one of each.

Investment for each resume:

  • High School Senior Resume: $150

  • Entry-Level Resume (under 5 years): $250

  • Mid-Level Resume (5-15 years): $300-400 

  • Executive Level Resume (15+ years) : $450 - $550 

The rate depends on the length of your resume, level of professionalism, and career plans moving forward.

Note: most resumes are 1-3 pages long, depending on your level of experience. 

  • Turnaround time is about 2 business days.

  • You will receive both Word (.doc) and PDF (.pdf) copies of the resume. 

Email your resume to me for a free review and quote:

What You'll Get

  • One-on-one call with me to learn more about what you're seeking and how I can help.

  • Endless back and forth emails between us to answer your questions and to provide superb customer service.

  • A resume that is customized to your work experience, specialized skills, and areas of expertise.

    • A draft will be emailed to you for review. You will then email me any edits so I can send you your final resume.​


  • A document that teaches you how to write your own cover letter.

  • A document that teaches you how to write your own thank you email.

  • A document giving you some of the best interview tips for today's job market.

Review Your Own Resume

If you're interested in reviewing your own resume, click on the button below to open up my resume suggestions.

Measurable Achievements

ATS (applicant tracking systems) like to see at LEAST 5 measurable achievements in your resume. If you're unsure what measurable achievement is, please click on the button below.

I Work With

  • High School Graduates

  • Entry-Level Professionals (under 5 years of experience)

  • Mid-Level Professionals (5-15 years of experience)

  • Executive-Level Professionals (over 15 years of experience)


Engineering, Finance, Retail, Technology, Hospitality, Education, Transportation, Human Resources, Healthcare, Wine & Spirits, Sales, Marketing, Administration, Goods & Services, and almost all other industries. Just ask me!

Cover Letter?

If you're wondering about a cover letter, I do recommend them. Here is why: there are some job postings that require a cover letter. If you don't have one prepared, you could miss out on a great job opportunity.

Working Together

Cover Letter 
(letter of interest)

Every resume should have a customized cover letter to go along with it. It's like a cover to your story!

Typically, my clients decide to have a cover letter created when I rewrite their resume. Ideally, your cover letter should be tailored to the company/industry you're applying to. It's a very important document and will put you ahead of the rest!

A cover letter is a one-page, professionally designed marketing document, written to share your desire to interview for a job, and showcase some of your achievements/goals. It should not be a rewrite of your resume.

  • Turnaround time is about 2 business days.

  • You will receive a Word (.doc) of the cover letter. 

Investment: $99​

Email me directly to get started:

Working Together
Typing on a Laptop

LinkedIn Profile Update

Every professional should be on LinkedIn. Most hiring managers, recruiters, and/or employers will look at your LinkedIn profile before hiring you. They may look at all your social media accounts, but the one they will be most interested in is LinkedIn. 


They will look for these things:

  • Professionalism

  • Updated Information

  • Solid Network

  • Enticing Summary

  • Clear History

I will update your LinkedIn profile to match your resume (but in a more friendly manner). I will also update your account settings to attract recruiters to your profile.

  • Turnaround time is about 2 business days.

Investment: $89​

Email me directly to get started: