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About the Course

My name is Elizabeth Debol. I’m a Certified Professional Resume Writer and the founder of Propel Yourself Now. I work remotely from my Michigan residence. I have had my own business since 2012. I started as a Virtual Assistant, and then when the right opportunity came along, I started my resume writing business. Working remotely has given me the ability to juggle family, attend school functions, schedule doctor appointments, help out my elderly mother, and so much more. I deeply enjoy the work I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


2020 introduced me to more unemployed individuals than I could count. It was a very difficult year for many. I had conversations with people who worked in all industries, desperately looking for work, actively applying to jobs. They were all seeking advice on how to write the perfect resume so they could have an advantage over others in their situation. They all wanted so desperately to land an interview, but it seemed to be so incredibly difficult to achieve. 


While I energetically helped the best I could, reviewing resumes for free, giving away suggestions, and offering my knowledge, I felt I was doing something positive during the pandemic. It was very clear that I was not just helping with resume writing, but I was helping these individuals get a job. That’s when I decided to write this course. 


With so many people looking for remote jobs these days, I figured it was time to teach the right individuals how to write resumes, work from home, and make an income. Everyone will end this course with a different set of goals in mind, and that’s just fine. This course is designed to give you the necessary information to help you feel confident enough to go out, find clients, start your business, and make an income from home. 


  1. It Starts with the Client

    • The Client

    • What Most Clients Want

    • The Client’s Resume

  2. About the Resume

    • The Resume

    • The Length

    • Types of Resumes

  3. Which Resume to Write

    • ATS and their Resumes

    • ATS Resume or Non-ATS Resume

  4. Understand the Client

    • Listening to Your Client

    • Questioning Your Client

  5. Sections of a Resume (part 1)

    • Name

    • Title

    • Contact Information

  6. Sections of a Resume (part 2)

    • Summary Statement

  7. Sections of a Resume (part 3)

    • Skills

  8. Sections of a Resume (part 4)

    • Areas of Expertise

  9. Sections of a Resume (part 5)

    • Work History

    • Action Verbs

    • Present and Past Tense

  10. Sections of a Resume (part 6)

    • Education

    • Certifications

  11. Sections of a Resume (part 7)

    • Memberships

    • Volunteer Work

    • Personal Interests/Activities

  12. Sections of a Resume (part 8)

    • Achievements/Highlights

  13. What Else?

    • Internships

    • Projects

    • Publications

    • Reviews

  14. Everything Else

  15. C.A.R. Statements

    • How to Write Them

    • Writing Them for Your Client

  16. How It Works

    • Job Boards

    • Applicant Tracking Systems

    • What to Tell Your Client

  17. How to Edit the Resume

    • Consistency

    • Spelling & Grammar

    • Homophones

    • Punctuation

  18. Satisfying the Client

    • Keep the Conversation Flowing

    • Answering Questions

    • Following Up

  19. Growing Your Business

    • Where to Begin

    • Networking

    • Referral Fees

  20. Resources for You

    • Programs

    • Before and After Resumes

    • Resume Templates

    • Checklists and Emails

    • Scholarships

    • CPRW

This course is designed to be taken at your own pace. At the end of the course, you will have one quiz on all the chapters. And you will have the option to download a “Certificate of Completion” to share on your social media, your website, and with your clients. 


While you go through this course, think of yourself as the resume writer. You will be helping your client by creating the best resume for them. You will be the business owner, or the freelance contract worker, or the friend or relative who helps others enhance their careers with their perfect resume.

You can have the freedom to set your own schedule, work remotely from your home, be your own boss, and run your own business. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Enjoy yourself. Learn something new. And remember your end goal. 

INVESTMENT:  $249.99

(introductory price - limited time only)

Disclaimer: I am a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) through the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.  This course does NOT provide you with a CPRW upon completion; however, I do encourage you to continue your resume writing journey by becoming certified.  Please note, there is a $250 one-time program fee and a $150 yearly registration fee associated with becoming certified with PARWCC. These fees are NOT included in this course fee. At the end of this course, you will be provided with the PARW/CC Study Guide for the CPRW Exam. It is up to you to decide if you want to move forward with the CPRW program & PARWCC membership

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