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This course is perfect for...

Modern Office

Office Support Professionals

Tired of working for someone else? Want to take your skills to the next level, and start your own business working from home?

Business Meeting

Professional Career Coaches

Are you already working with individuals who are in need of career help? Why not learn the skill of resume writing, and offer the service to your clients.

Business Woman Smiling

Human Resource Professionals

Looking for a side income, or perhaps thinking of turning your HR experience into a small business you can work from home?


Editors, Freelancers, or Writers

Thinking of expanding your business? Want to take your writing skills to a new level and write resumes for an income?

Working from Home

Stay-at-home Moms or Dads

Looking for a part-time income while you're home with your kids? Thinking of starting a business you can work from home?



This is a resume writing course for beginners!

EVERYTHING in one place, designed by Elizabeth Debol, a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Learn how to understand your clients, how to write resumes, how to communicate with your clients, and how to start and grow your own business. 

Receive detailed instructions, resume templates, resume checklists, countless resources, the option to receive a "CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION" at the end of the course, and the option to have a personal 1-hour, 1-on-1 call with Elizabeth (to get to know you, to hear your questions, and to help you with your resume writing business.).

Estimate of time to complete this course: about 5-8 hours 

Continuous updates are made to the course so you have accurate and trending information!


Course Outline

Starting with the client

  • The client

  • How to approach a lead

  • Turn a lead into a client

  • Listen to your client

  • Question your client

  • What most clients want

  • The client's resume

About the resume

  • What is a resume

  • The length of the resume

  • Different resume formats


Resume examples

  • One-page resume layouts

  • Two-page resume layouts

  • Three-page resume layouts

Applicant tracking systems

  • What is an ATS

  • ATS-friendly resumes

  • Non-ATS resumes

  • How to write an ATS-friendly resume

  • What does "left to right" mean

  • Give your client a fighting chance

  • ATS-friendly resume or non-ATS resume

Sections of a resume, part 1

  • Name

  • Title

  • Contact information

  • Examples

Sections of a resume, part 2

  • Skills

  • Areas of expertise

  • Summary statement

  • Examples

Sections of a resume, part 3

  • Work history

  • Gaps in the resume

  • Job-hopping

  • Achievements

  • C.A.R. statements

Sections of a resume, part 4

  • Education

  • Certifications

  • Memberships

  • Volunteer work

  • Personal interests

Resume must haves

  • Action verbs

  • Present/past tense

Don't forget these

  • Internships

  • Projects

  • Publications

  • Reviews

  • Awards

  • Links

Things to think about

  • Pictures

  • Images

  • Abbreviations and acronyms

  • Bullets

  • Degrees

  • References

  • Infographics

Beware of these

  • Color

  • Font

  • Margins

  • Page numbers

  • Dates

  • Saving the document

  • Past work history

  • Word count

Job hunting

  • Job boards

  • Applicant tracking systems

  • What to tell your client

Editing the resume

  • Consistency

  • Spelling & grammar

  • Homophones

  • Punctuation

Satisfying your client

  • Keeping the conversation flowing

  • Answering questions

  • Following up

Growing your business

  • Where to begin

  • Networking

  • Referral fees

  • Quotes & reviews

  • What to charge

Email communication

  • Quote emails

  • Review emails

  • Lead emails

  • Keeping in touch emails

  • Resume draft email

  • Final resume email

  • Follow-up emails to past clients

Questions for your client

  • 8 common questions to ask each new client

  • The most important information to relay to your client

Resources for you

  • Programs

  • Online resume templates

  • Scholarships

  • CPRW information

Resume templates

  • One-page templates (Word)

  • Two-page templates (Word)

  • Three-page templates (Word)

Thank you

  • Optional quiz for "Certificate of Completion"

  • Optional 1-on-1 call with creator of course

Receive a "Certificate of Completion" just like this one:

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Propel Yourself into a New Career

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