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I invite you to take this FREE career test. It will generate a 10-page report that gives you your personality chart, occupational factors to consider, primary strengths, potential weaknesses, preferred communication method, ideal business environment, team-building approach, and more! It will help you learn more about your workplace personality and tell you exactly what positions you would be perfect for.

An online career development platform of career services solutions where people learn how to achieve career goals, whether it is to find a job, choose a career, pursue an education, gain career exposure, develop personal qualities, or grow in a career. 

Membership Plans from $2.99 to $99.99.

Use code PYN20 to get 20% off the $99.99 yearly membership.

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Searching for your Ideal Career or College Major?

Take the Career Clarifier Test and Transform Your Future.

Discover 20 specific jobs that match your skills, interests, and personal style.

Identify your preferred skills and abilities.

Eliminate job-hopping, career frustration, and wasted years for just $34.95.

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Career Key brings action, confidence, and clarity to your career journey.

Their short, research-based activities and assessments beat indecision and overwhelm.

Unlock your door to academic and career well-being. Feel and perform better.


Understand who you truly are. Incredibly accurate personality tests that light up your life.

CAREER TEST - Test your career aptitude, job interests, and personality traits to find the right job for you.

DISC - Improve communication, productivity, and conflict management in the workplace.


An online hiring platform for businesses.

Get your personalized account with access to premium job boards, optimized job descriptions, pre-screening questions, one-way video interviewing, assessments and background checks, applicant tracking, team collaboration, interview scheduling, and more.


Membership Plans from $29 to $250 per month.

Use code debol10 to get 10% off your first monthly charge.

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Elizabeth Debol

Certified Professional Resume Writer & Career Coach

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