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Agreement of Services: Terms of Use

Agreement of Services


The purpose of this Project Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Elizabeth Debol (the Freelancer) and YOU (the Client) will agree.  The Client hereby hires the service of the Freelancer to provide one or more services.




This price is predetermined by the Freelancer, with no additional sums, amounts, monies, taxes, or charges. The Client shall make payment online through the Freelancer's website. Prices are all presented in U.S. dollars. The Client, therefore, shall pay in U.S. dollars, regardless of location.

​The Client understands that no portion of the payment made is refundable unless, otherwise, for cause(s) validated by the Freelancer.


​Clear communication between the Client and the Freelancer is necessary to complete any/all project(s).

The Client and the Freelancer must remain consistently available through email and/or phone to successfully complete any/all project(s). 



The Freelancer is committed to protecting the privacy of all her clients. All information received from or provided by the Client is strictly for the use of the Freelancer and will not be shared with any third party.  The Freelancer shall only ask for information necessary to carry out the service(s) listed above. 



The Freelancer shall not guarantee the Client will get a job interview, find a new job, find a new career, advance their career, or enhance their business by utilizing The Freelancer’s services.

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