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Resume Writing Course: Features

Self-Motivation Course

Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated.

Get rid of negative thoughts and move forward with your career and future life goals. 

Stop procrastinating and learn how to take steps to consistently stay motivated. 

Focus on making schedules that lead to successful habits.

Learn how to respond (not react) to things you have control over.

And so much more...

Elizabeth Debol


Session 1: Prioritizing Your Goals

  • Finally, get rid of those negative thoughts and move forward.

  • Complete with 2 worksheets.

Session 2: Procrastination

  • Learn why you often postpone things and how to motivate yourself.

  • Complete with 2 worksheets.

Session 3: Taking Action

  • Learn what action steps you can take to stay motivated.

  • Complete with 2 worksheets.

Session 4: Planning and Habits

  • Start making schedules and daily plans to create successful habits.

  • Complete with 2 worksheets and 3 schedule templates.

Session 5: Respond, Don't React

  • Learn how to have control and respond instead of reacting and causing harm.

  • Complete with 2 worksheets.

Session 6: Success & Goal Setting

  • Understand your goals and learn how to unstick yourself so you can always move forward.

  • Complete with 3 worksheets.


  • Continue your motivation journey after taking this course.

  • Complete with 2 special workbooks. 

Get all of this for a one-time fee of $99

Upon payment, you will get an email with instructions on how to download the above content. 

(I send a personal email, so it may take up to 8 hours before receiving it).

Thank you for your purchase!

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Elizabeth Debol

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