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About this course...

There are too many courses out there that expect you to remember formulas, calculations, acronyms, percentages, and so forth. Nobody has the time to learn all of this and remember it day in and day out. I don’t have an amazing memory when it comes to everything. I can remember certain things, but only things that have had significant meaning in my life. There is so much I learn but don’t retain, and I think that’s because of how extremely complicated most of it is to remember.

Staying motivated and on track doesn’t have to be a mathematical equation, or a scientific experiment. It can be simple to learn and easy to carry out. It can be stress-free and efficient at the same time. And in this simple 6-session course, you will learn just how painless being motivated really can be. Now, I’m not saying you won’t have to put in some effort. This course was designed to help you, but you must put in some work. It’s about pushing you to do something!! But, the reward you’ll receive, the gratification you’ll feel, and the confidence you’ll gain, will all be worth the effort. 

This course is extremely manageable. It's a cut & dry, do-this-now kind of course. You will be taught ways to move ahead with your plans, create new goals, progress through difficulties, and see results. So, if you’re ready to learn these techniques, knowing that they are not terrifyingly difficult or overwhelming, then let’s get started.

You will receive 6 individual sessions. You will be able to read the information and do the exercises on your own time. I suggest 1 session per week. Nothing is graded. You won’t have to turn anything in. But you will want to hold yourself accountable to get the work done. So, make sure you have at least one hour set aside each week.  One hour is totally manageable!!!  


This course will GET you motivated, help you STAY motivated, teach you how to BECOME positive and REMAIN positive, and show you how to SET goals and KEEP them!​

6 Sessions

Session 1:
Prioritizing Your Goals - Make lists to help you move forward in your life/career.

Session 2:
Procrastination - Break down how you can stop procrastinating & learn how to succeed.

Session 3:
Taking Action - Take small action steps to help you move closer to your goal.

Session 4:
Planning & Habits - Learn how creating schedules can lead to successful habits.

Session 5:
Respond, Don't React - Understand how to be mindful of what we do; don't react to fear.

Session 6: 
Success & Goal Setting - Have continued success by setting goals & staying on track.

​Bonus Materials:

Interruptions Blaster Workbook & Celebrate You Workbook

Motivate Yourself Now

Investment: $125
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